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im just trying not to break

the pressures way to much

8/9/06 07:44 pm

dear life,

i miss katie hess....ALOT.

love your most favorite girl,

lauren paige.

5/24/06 09:58 pm

lately has been lately. i feel so rushed! like im going away to collage or somthing. thats how life feels but i guess thats how it feels at the end of every year, rushed. im going up north with adela this weekend and im real excited. but i kinda wanna split myself in two and leave one part here and take the other part with me. i almost feel obliged to be here, then again, i know ill remember this upcoming weekend forever and have a blast and everytime i spent time with adela i love it. and plus this weekend ill wear my sundress. all is well, is it not? do i write weird? or different, in a bad way?
sometimes i wanna be like HEY LOOK HERE, AT MY LIVE JOURNAL! and then i think to myself(what a wonderful world!!) 'youve written bitchy things, you dont want to promote that' but i sorta am not matter what.
i wanna go shopping. right now. at like banna republic. somthing a little more mature. nordstrom and j.crew. just because. i want some more white clothes. or yellow. ive finally come to the conclusion that when boys where like, collared shirt and what not, im a sucker for that. and katie i miss our crazy bakc and forth lj talk-ish-es.

5/10/06 07:11 pm

5/10/06 04:22 pm

dear julio...WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?!
um lifes ok.
PMSing sucks
the past two weekends have been pretty good minus certin parts
i wish people would treat me like shit
i wish it was summer and i was on vacation or at camp
i miss adventures
ive grown so much this year. its amazing.
love love love love
i wanna go shopping
tired. feeling fat. yuck. i hate models
i wish i didnt have this feeling right now, because it wont lead to anything good, and probably nothing bad.
omg i just saw some stomach fat on paris hilton. that made my day.
um love love love HATE love love
so true
somewhere im afraid to be with out you
awww poor baby
omg i want that stomach
i wanna marry harry potter.
thats hott
random but not really
i love that slidy thing
love love

every thing...http://www.xanga.com/Icons____________________1  there, reminds me of lissi and i. together.

later bitches

3/22/06 11:45 pm

so your my latest addiction. and so far your the hardest habit to break.

3/14/06 07:11 am - bonita

ok so i have now be come guenuinely concerned about the weight of my enormous girth. actually. im kida lazy and fat but i worked out yesterday. hmmm i used to have strong legs but now i have like zippo strength. goes to show that biking around your own bored self is alot more productive than an organized sport. god, maybe its not that i weight 1000 pounds and are in critical health conditions, its i dont physically feel active and strong anymore? i dont feel pretty? just fat and uncomfortable?  is this call for meat? no it couldnt be. plus im wearing my V is for vegatarian which holds much love for things like, STARGIRL. by jerri spenelli. tehe. she was elusive, she was today. she was tommrow, she was the flitting shadow of an elf owl, somthing somthing of a butterfly but when we tried to pin her to a cork board the pin droped and she flew away. dont sing to her im warning you. eck its early.

ps sorry about the fat stuff, i just had to get it out there

3/8/06 06:52 pm - just feel better

ok so nobody comments anymore? what the fuuuuuuuuuck? comment if youve read this. please. so i dont feel like im writing to myself. or maybe thats to needy. if you want you can leave a comment so i dont feel lonely. ok thats the same. SOFI AND KATIE I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU GUYS AND I CANT WAIT TO BCR PRINCESS CLUB HOTT SUNGLASSES HANG OUT OMG I ADORE YOU BOTH. i can smell the spring coming. i can feel it in my bones. im so excited/ stressed. sigh.

3/7/06 01:02 pm

so im sick. with possibly mono. but i dont understand how i got it. everythings gross, oh but one good thing, im not anemic. today i woke up to better off and it made me really happy. grrr SOMTHINGS are making me really mad right now. whatever, siiiiiiiick ewwwwww. maybe im just stressed, or confused. oh god oh god. i dont understand. ok if i had to pick one, id pick both. i love you. your the greatest. i love you. 

Cause you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day

The sky has fallen
And it's early in the morning
But it's ok somehow
I spilt my coffee, it went
All over your clothes
I gotta wear mine now

And im always, always,always late
And my hair's a mess,
Even when it's straight

But so what,
I'm better off everyday
When i'm standing in the pouring rain, I dont mind
I think of you and everythings alright
I used to think i had it good
But now i know that i misunderstood
With you I'd say, i'm better off in every way

i think that can best express me. yeah. no. so you wanna hear  a secret? i watch THREE muppet movies in a row yesterday. stephanie kept making fun of me about it. whatever im cool anyway. i write somthing prettier later. jklh;jhfjadfklhriotu

3/4/06 08:02 pm

i was trying not to get too attached so
i wouldn't fall too hard, too fast. but i
realized that i fell a long time ago, &
now im loving you with all that i have

not done yet

3/3/06 11:24 pm

feeling like icons? today was werid. shit. fuck. al;kjshgiuwanvkdnlka;shgieywbnmcbvnm,bwsiu. thats how i feel right now. im so happy and excited yet so scared and held up. yuck. shit. but iloved hanging out with weeeejer today! katie i miss you like i dont know what get gooder and well hang out assap. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i <3 stand up comedy/ funny stories. omgggggg im so sad for the volleyball girls! i also wish i coulda seen more. love. love. ugggh.

more love stories to come(aka icons.)
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